Move smart: Smart move. Every logistics or production process consists of a sequence of movements. Certain movements contribute to realizing the goal (delivery of goods or assembling a product), other movements are redundant. We call them value-added and non-value added.

Using labor analysis and lean principles, we search for these non-value added movements and look for solutions to eliminate them, or at least limit them. As a result, we create the same result with less effort. Therefore increasing productivity and decreasing your turnaround time.

This philosophy cannot only be applied to your logistics and production process, but also to the maintenance of your equipment.

With OEE-, SMED-, TPM-principles, changeover times and downtime can be reduced.

Even if the processes does not (yet) exist, we can use MTM to calculate (predict) what the process time will be. This can be useful, for example, when preparing quotations.

For every project, process-flows and, if desired, 2D- or 3D-layouts are created.